So we are nearing the end, fellas. Only two more weeks and it’s off back home we go.

I have been writing a lot of reflective blogs. In fact, I believe that this type of content makes up the most of my posts on this blog. And honestly, it actually makes sense. Every week at Carleton is a whole new mind-blowing experience, where I can explore more not just about myself from different angles in general, but also life at Carleton as a whole. Sure, it’s not a bed of roses and all glamour (I’d give glamour a solid 70% because it’s really a dream come true to me, and the fact that I am here, a rising sophomore at Carleton is something that 2017 me could only dream of).

The 2018-2019 academic year really did not leave a lot to be desired. Except for a little bit of confusion and conflicts on my part, everything went super well, and I surely did not regret studying what I studied during my first three terms here. Carleton has been super great for me, welcoming and inclusive in most ways, making the experience one I can never forget. I got all the help that I needed and more. I really wished I made use of the facilities and resources that Carleton gave me more — there were times when I was struggling and I made the foolish mistakes of not asking for help (please don’t be like me, guys), but I really know better now. The resources that I /did/ use were great: they were helpful, gave excellent feedback (professor’s office hours, Writing Center, Career Center and whatnot), and I love it. I honestly strongly suggest that everyone make good use of all the resources offered at Carleton if you want to do well. Don’t be like me, guys.

So it has been such a great academic year. I wish I had the time to really enjoy the state of just being here, but life at Carleton has always been anything but slow. Yet I love the dynamics and the atmosphere around here. It is simply superb how the school provides such a great environment for students who wish to discover themselves during their college years. What more can I say? I just love Carleton.

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