Meet Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer: A man in SA’s energy seat that is hot

JOHANNESBURG — With news that Eskom is anticipating to load shed during the early January once again, it appears that the embattled power provider’s dark times are far from over. The business is saddled with huge financial obligation and incredibly dirty, outdated coal plant technology. It’s a disaster that is economic to take place. But because SA is plagued by monopolies (and also the ANC federal federal government is intent on perpetuating them) South Africans sit with a massive issue on their fingers that’s been needlessly self-created. Nonetheless, there are numerous a lot more than capable individuals inside Eskom while the COO Jan Oberholzer seemingly have a feeling of rationality pertaining to the future of the state-owned utility company. In this meeting, EE publishers Chris that is’ Yelland Roger Lilly trapped with him. – Gareth van Zyl

By Chris Yelland and Roger Lilley*

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A energizing openness by Eskom’s brand new management has been demonstrated in a unique meeting with Eskom COO Mr Jan Oberholzer by EE writers. The meeting adopted dramatic developments when you look at the operations of Eskom this season, like the decrease within the utility’s generation plant performance, shortages of coal at energy channels in Mpumalanga, the return of phase 2 (2,000 MW) load that is shedding rolling blackouts around the world for per week ahead of the Christmas festive season, therefore the statement by the COO of the nine-point intend to deal with the functional dilemmas.

Mr Oberholzer, please could you make clear the functions and lines of authority amongst the Eskom CEO, COO, CFO along with other Eskom Exco users? Whom states to who?

Eskom’s structure that is new constructed on three pillars: strategy, finance and operations. Generally speaking, CEO Phakamani Hadebe could be the face of Eskom, accountable for strategy, appropriate and business affairs, recruiting and reputation administration. CFO Calib Cassim accounts for the income, liquidity, finance, loans, treasury, opportunities, real-estate, different help solutions and overall control that is financial. As COO, i will be accountable for all Eskom’s operations: generation, transmission and circulation of electricity, main power, coal and water, team capital (which include new-build tasks), Rotek Industries, Eskom Enterprises, Eskom Research, Testing & Development (RT&D), danger and sustainability, amongst others. Eskom has ready A exco that is new organogram and I also will share this to you whenever finalised.

Exactly what are the biggest problems Eskom that is currently facing dilemmas will you be in charge of, and exactly just exactly what keeps you awake during the night?

The largest problems dealing with Eskom are: financial obligation, liquidity and sustainability that is financial individuals problems – with individuals being our most critical asset, ensuring sufficient coal materials, decreasing generation plant performance and accessibility – triggered by planned upkeep outages, unplanned breakdowns and plant operating with reduced production than ranked, and fast-rising municipal and Soweto arrear debt. From my place, my best issues would be the generation that is poor performance, ensuring sufficient coal materials when confronted with high export costs, together with threat of rainfall at the moment. We actually have less than 30GW of available capacity – and the country’s load is more than 30GW while we have some 45GW of installed generation capacity at our disposal. Therefore, for the time being, our company is grateful when it comes to season that is festive need is paid off. In connection with individuals problems, my issues are to make certain accountability by line supervisors, and having the best individuals with the best mixture of abilities into the place that is right specially within generation.

Some would state the functional dilemmas at Eskom are addressed provided enough work, money and time, but that the economic and ecological problems presently dealing with Eskom are intractable. Can you concur?

Yes, i really do agree totally that we have the money and the right people, we can resolve the operational issues – no doubt about that if we are diligent, and. But running in a world of serious economic constraints, massive financial obligation and quickly increasing municipal and also worldwide arear financial obligation is a large challenge, plus the CFO will be better positioned to comment further about this. On ecological sustainability, you can find huge dilemmas concerning the burning of coal. Can we simply trade our way to avoid it for the present situation? No, we believe we’re going to want to do some plain things really differently towards the method they are done before – structurally, financially and environmentally.

Can you think Eskom could be gone back to its previous glory, or perhaps is this a pipe-dream that is backward looking the basically changed and changing realm of power?

No, we don’t think the last may be recaptured with Eskom keeping its form that is current as vertically incorporated monopoly. Can Eskom enhance its reputation, performance and self-confidence? Yes, I think we could, but we now have a large amount of work to do in order to accomplish that, including training and abilities development. The whole world changed considerably since those previous times, and you can find pressures for improvement in the power sector. The present framework as a vertically incorporated company and solitary electricity buyer might not be the structure that is best and business design money for hard times, and force from industry w209
ill force Eskom to alter to match the brand new realities. Our president, Mr Jabu Mabuza, has recently stated that the Eskom operations of generation, transmission and circulation might in future be ring-fenced and addressed as independent devices with a small business focus, with line supervisors empowered to really make the decisions that are necessary success, and held in charge of the outcomes.

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